Why Most Web Design Agencies Fail & Getting to Launch Success

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Everyone has planned so many things to do for the business, and everyone will be excited to hear that his/her website is going to be launched in the next 2 months. But ‘’waiting’’ is one of the most painful things,  your web design agency promised to launch your website in 2 months but 6 months are already gone.

The web design agency you hired is failed to meet with their commitment and nothing you can do because it’s not easy to make an efficient and fully functional website.

There may be many ‘’lame excuses’’ from the company or the person you hired, they might not ask you what exactly you want and now, things got messed up. You might not be happy with the design, features, and functions, etc. Most of the time it leads you to the frustration & disturbs your work as well.

So, you are struggling to find where the problem occurs? There are many reasons behind the failure, some of the very commons are, the poor understanding, lack of experience, failed follow-through, weak follow-up, lack of latest technologies, and poor patterns. 

Experience is #1

Each client has unique goals. Many times, the client doesn’t know what that goal is, and that’s ok but it’s up to the web design agency to help flush out that goal. Here are some common website goals.

  • Sell more products or services
  • Drive ad revenue
  • Increase lead generation
  • Sign up 100K email subscribers (easy tiger, let’s start with 1,000)

Whatever the case, your website should accomplish that goal through a clear and intuitive call-to-action, or CTA.

End-to-End Management:

The Stack Overflow developer survey identifies a Full-Stack Web Developer as the most common developer job held by those polled. In practice, however, agencies don’t always bring the kind of full-stack experience you need.

To deliver the best results, your web design agency should be able to navigate front-end and back-end concerns, domain name services, and so much more, without skipping a beat.


SEO Integration:

It’s no longer acceptable that your web design agency can’t develop websites without search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

The web company you partner with needs to understand how page speed, proper meta tagging, structured data, and many other web development checklist items play into the whole process.

For your website to have a fighting chance in search engines like Google, it needs to have all the necessary components of solid on-page SEO factors and make sure your website agency truly knows what mobile-first index means and also how to integrate a proper XML sitemap and how to format your site for international best practices. Your web team must know SEO period.

Technical Understanding:

Grasping HTML, CSS, JavaScript, server-side languages such as PHP, and other tools ensure your agency knows the best ways to handle each aspect of your web development project.

When understanding falls short, so  performs. Every available technology used by the pioneer web design agencies to enhance your site’s structure, usability, navigation, and optimization. Using frameworks such as Bootstrap and WordPress are integral to the process, yet they are frequently underutilized by agencies that don’t understand their helpful features.

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The image you present online is in your hands, so there is no excuse for sending the wrong message. When a website redesign results in unused files, broken plugins, large images, or database errors, efforts must be made to fix them and take further measures, as required.

Poor coding risks throwing server errors or page errors, both of which can make visitors and search engines think your website is a bad experience.


There are some design agencies remain unclear about SEO best practices. Similarly, W3C standards provide web development success, yet web design agencies don’t even take the time to validate their code. Don’t believe me? One must run their website through our SEO Auditor or W3C validator.