Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2018?

Choosing the right PHP development framework to develop a web application for the business can be a very difficult task because there are so many options available. From the past few years, we at Aquadsoft are using the Laravel framework on a regular basis. We have worked and tested other PHP development frameworks as well. However, we needed some additional features and capabilities.

We discussed PHP development framework In our previous blog and in this blog post, we will discuss what made us feel that Laravel is the best PHP framework in 2018. Currently, Laravel has around thirty eight thousand one hundred thirty two (38132) stars on Github. Here is the given below picture to show how many websites are created using Laravel currently and therefore, you now know why Laravel is used by many industries worldwide.


Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework:

 1) Authorization Technique: PHP framework:

Laravel simply makes techniques implementation of authentication techniques and almost everything is configured extraordinarily. This programming language also provides a simple way to organize authorization logic and control access to resources.

 2) Object-Oriented Libraries:

The second reasons which make Laravel the best PHP framework is it has Object Oriented libraries & many other pre-installed ones, which are not found in any other popular PHP frameworks. One of the pre-installed libraries is the Authentication library. Although it is easy to implement, it has many advanced features, such as checking active users, Bcrypt hashing,  password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption. PHP framework:

 3) Artisan:

Laravel offers a build in a tool named as Artisan and developer has to usually interact with the Laravel framework using a command line that creates and handles the Laravel project environment. A built-in tool for command-line called Artisan which is provided by Laravel. This tool allows us to perform the majority of those repetitive and tedious programming tasks that most of the developers avoid performing manually.

  4) MVC Support:

One more reason which has proved why Laravel the best PHP framework as it supports MVC and architecture like Symfony, ensuring clarity between logic and presentation. The role of MVC is to help it to improve the performance, enable better documentation and has multiple built-in functionalities.

 5) Security:

One of the most important of any framework is security while developing an application everyone has to use some of the other ways too make the application secure. Laravel takes care of the security within its framework and also It uses salted and hashed password, which means that the password would never save as the plain text in the database.

 6) Database Migration

One of the important points for developers is to keep the database in sync between development machines and with ‘’Laravel’’ database migrations, it is extremely easy. You may have made a lot of changes to the database and, in our option, MySQL Workbench is not a great way to sync databases between my development machines after long work. Enter Migrations.

 7) Great Tutorials (Laracasts):

Your developers need to learn more in order to deliver more and it offers Laracasts which features a mix of free and paid video tutorials that show you how to use Laravel. The videos are all made by Jeffery Way, an expert and experienced instructor. He seems to have his finger on the pulse of the essentials and offers clear and concise instructions.

 8) Blade Templating Engine:

The Blade templating engine of Laravel is very intuitive and helps to work with the typical PHP/HTML spaghetti so much better, that’s it one of the best features of the framework. If you ever have had to chop up an if statement with HTML inside of it, you know exactly what I mean. But with a blade, it’s almost effortless. Here’s how it goes.

9) Responsable Interface

Responsable Interface is a new feature added in the Laravel with the release of Laravel 5.5 in August 2017. It is a class which is used to implement the interface which can be returned by using controller method. After that, the router is going to check for the instance of Responsable when preparing the response from “Illuminate\Routing\Router”. In the image below we will show an example of non-implementation of Responsable interface:

10) Automatic Package Discovery

It was not easy to install packages in the earlier versions of Laravel  However, in Laravel 5.5 a new feature called Automatic Package Discovery detects the packages automatically which users want to install. That means now users will not have to set up any aliases or providers from installing new packages in Laravel. Also, Laravel 5.5 allows developers to disable this feature for specific packages.

How Should you Start with Laravel

The amazing features as mentioned above are quite enough to understand that it’s the best PHP framework in 2017. However, you need developers to start your web development project. If you have a long-term project in mind that needs attention from the scratch then dedicated development teams are appropriate.

However, if you want to make some minor tweaks or renovate your site you can extend your existing PHP development teams with co-developers. 


Laravel framework popularity is on the rise due to its incredible features. Also, Laravel provides extensive community support as well. Moreover, if businesses want to outsource the web development work or hire Laravel developer then we at Aquadsoft are always there for them. Because our web app developers guaranteed SLA’s, have implemented over 5000+ projects, having 12+ years of experience, we are having over 1500 happy customers and provide a zero-billing guarantee.

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