What is the meaning of scratch in terms of coding or programming?


Scratch is a visual programming language and online community targeted primarily at children.

Using Scratch, users can create their own interactive stories, games and animations, then share and discuss their creations with one another. It was developed by the folks at the MIT Media Lab and it was specifically designed to help children learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work together.

Scratch is available in more than 70 languages and is used in homes, schools, and after-school clubs in every country in the world. Scratch is often used in teaching coding, computer science, and computational thinking. Teachers also use it as a creative tool across many other subjects including math, science, history, geography, and art.

As of today, there are 28,320,577 registered members of the Scratch online community and 31,876,922 shared projects with 39,336,790 page visits last month (April 2018). The blocks-based syntax of Scratch has influenced many other programming environments and is now considered the standard for introductory coding experiences for children.

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