Open Source

 Open source or free software is about being open to ideas and implementing them. We are living in a digital world and the world is transforming than you can ever think of. Big companies like Microsoft and IBM monopolize and are trying to control the big change that is happening in the digital universe. To have an effective transformation, you need to own the technology. The freedom to own the technology, twist it, turn it, modify it and make it work exactly as you need is the best thing for business. That is where you control your brand and brand experience. If you need to give your customer a real brand experience, you need to own the technology that works for you. Getting a licensed software without source code and with a locking period for your business is a big no as they don’t know your needs, you know them better and you cannot frame or reconstruct a licensed software even if you want to as per your needs.

The digital disruptors who embraced open source

Companies like Amazon, Flipkart and Uber are a huge success because they didn’t rely on proprietary software. They didn’t rely on someone else to fulfill their technical needs. They didn’t use SAP or Oracle application instead they opted to own the technology they are using. Owning the technology has contributed a lot to their massive growth. Their number of brand ambassadors have increased, the number of channels that manage their sales has quadrupled, the number of orders they get has tripled and the number of countries they work has increased. They experienced this growth because they owned the system and could handle the growth of the business through timely updates of their solutions at their own will. I could all happen because they owned the technology and didn’t need to wait for Microsoft or Oracle to release an updated version of their product and then implement those changes. Instead every time a change was needed, every time a problem occurred, they had the freedom to fix it and it was this freedom that made them huge, so huge.

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