What are the current future trends in learning management system

The LMS trend that has made the greatest impact on the corporate learning landscape has been the transition from on-premise software to a cloud-based delivery model.

This shift catalyzed an innovation cycle that brought collaboration, gamification, and mobile -ready experiences to the LMS. More impactful than any of these features, however, is that small and mid-size organizations can now benefit from the same learning technologies that were previously only accessible to large enterprises. With no infrastructure to manage, free-trial buying processes and pricing that scales with usage, nearly any organization can now create and manage a cost-effective learning operation. 
Now that the cloud has arrived, however, it’s time to shift the conversation to the future. At SchoolKeep, a corporate learning platform I founded, we’re focused on solving three learning problems faced by the modern workforce.
1) Democratizing content creation
The speed of business today moves faster than ever. It’s no longer effective for L&D departments to own the creation of learning content exclusively. Learning technologies need to enable individuals with no e-learning experience to quickly create and share relevant information about processes, products, and best practices.

2) Delivering helpful training when and where it’s needed
Google, Slack, and digital advertising have personalized our digital experiences. No longer will employees engage in a passive catalog of courses. The future of learning is personalized and contextual, providing learners with the right information when and where it will be most helpful to them.

3) Ensuring training programs drive business outcomes
The modern workforce is more analytical and data-driven than ever. Outside of compliance training, measuring course completions and quiz scores won’t be enough to earn training budget dollars. Corporate learning platforms must move closer to the business and help L&D leaders correlate learning activity to business KPIs.

There are many other exciting trends in the LMS space. MOOC platforms, like edX, bring university-style learning to corporations. Content curation platforms, like Pathgather, put the creation of learning paths in the hands of employees. And catalogs, like Lynda, make soft-skill and technical training accessible to anyone. It’s an exciting time in the learning technology ecosystem.

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