Remembering Google+: The Rise Fall Of Google+


We remember Google not letting us comment on a YouTube video until we signed up to its barren and now extinct social media platform like it was yesterday, if only in the sense that it’s one of the last memories we have of it.

Today social platforms or social networking has become a crucial part of our lives. From keeping in touch with our friends and loved ones to getting news, various social platforms have made the world a virtually smaller, more accessible place today and while being on social media might be fun, but being a social network is not a story. 

It was the turn of Google to experience a dose of security blues after Facebook, and the casualty of the whole controversy was Google’s social network, Google+. The Google+ site was not getting the sort of traffic and usage that it once did, but that does not make the importance of Google+ is less. 

Now Google+ is the past story, everyone who belongs to this world (social media) will certainly miss Google+. It was really very good social platform many people use to post and gets traffic. It is something like you lost one of your important thing one cannot by even you are ready to sacrifice your life to get. 

Millions are missing Google+ or G+ today it is something like If it were a person, you’d only see a sprinkling of relatives at its funeral and you had to stare down blankly at the order of service as the vicar routinely summarized its life, which would, in this case, involve a lament that 90% of people’s interactions with it lasted less than five seconds.


There are many services of Google which are interlinked and mingled in a very complicated manner and it is safe to say that having a Google+ account allegedly made you kinda a Google favorite. Some sources confirm, if you created a business page on Google+, it automatically improved your ranking on the search engine. This function is really very cool.

In the recent past, we may have lost data on MySpace caused some disturbance but, then again, that’s where many of us cut our social media teeth and maybe you had it in your heads we’d go back to it one day, and now it’s thrown out all our old Kate Nash singles. But a very few will miss Google+. Google services have been playing a very important role as Google is the most trusted search engine and even today most of us trust in Google rather than other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, etc, In the last one can say that Google+ will be missed by millions of user and will also thank the services of Google+ or G+.

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