Difference Between Typescript vs ES6

Typescript vs ES6

TypeScript is introduced by Microsoft and it is the open-source programming language. In Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 TypeScript is included as a first-class programming language. The compiler of the typescript is written in typescript only and it is compiled to Javascript.

An ES6 full form is ECMAScript 6. The main aim of ES6 is to create a format for users of Common JS and of AMD both should get benefited and it is the scripting language. It mainly helps in applications to enable the client side scripting.

Typescript is the combination of Javascript and some additional features of javascript. And it is also the combination of a set of tools and language. It is just a javascript and it supports other JS files. It is portable.

Typescript is an open source tool. We can run this on any browser or any host. There are 3 types in typescript.

  1. Any type
  2. Built-in type
  3. User-defined type.

The main use of identifiers is it includes both the digits and characters but here we need to remember one thing identifier cannot start with digits so it should always with character first with digits. It should not have space and there should not be any keywords but it should be unique.

ES6 ECMA scripts6 having so many new features below are the some of them::

  • Modules
  • Template Literals
  • Collections
  • Promises
  • De-structuring Assignment

There are 2 types of loops in ES6 one is Definite loop it consists of For loop and second type is indefinite it consists of both while loop and do while loop.

Here in ES6 functions are Returning and Parameterized functions and there are many other functions in both Typescripts vs ES6.ES6 Boolean object represent either true or false. Boolean properties are constructer and prototype. There are mainly three types in Boolean tosource(),tostring() and valueof().

ES6-String helps us to work with a series of characters and String properties are Constructor, length, and prototype. There are so many methods in an ES6 string. Previous es6 not supported to all the browsers but now most of the browsers supporting this tools but still there are some browsers which are not supported ES6.

ES6 ECMAScript 6 has come up with the easy way in returning multiple values in a function. Previous developers suggested many ways but when compared to all those ES6 is very easy.

Typescript interface is the syntactical contract it helps in defining the entity syntax. It defines methods, events, and properties and these are also the members of the interface. It also responsible for the deriving classes to define the members. It also helps in providing a standard structure that the deriving classes would follow. For declaring an interface, we make use of the “interface” keyword.

Key Differences between Typescript vs ES6

The Key Difference Between Typescript and ES6, are explained in the below-mentioned points:If we want to compare both the Typescript vs ES6 we will not find the much differences. Everything we write in Typescript is supported by ES6 or vice versa. Typescript is the extension of ESI I mean there are some features added in Typescript.Developers always prefer Typescript because of features like classes and modules but now the same features are also available in JavaScript (After ES6 introduced) and you can use Babel to transpile down to ES5 for greater browser compatibility.Now we will see when we need to choose Typescript vs ES6. If we want to prefer compile-time type Checking or working with a New Library or Framework then we need to go with Typescript. If it is the largest project and we need multiple developers then Typescript is the best choice.ES6 mainly prefers when building in tools required or for small projects. One thing we need to remember here if we need strong testing workflow then we must go with ES6.

Comparison between Typescript vs ES6:

Below are the lists of points, describe the comparison between Typescript vs ES6 : 

Basis Of Comparison Between Typescript vs ES6



DefinitionTypescript is to eradicate the development errors ES6 is comparatively more flexible in development time
ExplanationTypeScript is a free and open-source programming language. It is developed and maintained by MicrosoftES6 is a version of ECMAScript (ES), which is a scripting language specification standardized by ECMA international.
BenefitsTypeScript supports all primitive data typesES6 will not support.
VariablesTypescript having 3 scopes.

1.      Global Scope

2.      Class Scope

3.      Local Scope

ES6 having 2 scopes.

1.      Global Scope

2.      Local Scope

ModulesModules are of 2 types Internal and external modulesIn ES6 modules are classified as importing a module and exporting a module.
LoopsTypescript and ES6 both are having same loops.

·         Definite

·         Indefinite

Typescript and ES6 both are having same loops.

·         Definite

·         Indefinite

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Conclusion – Typescript vs ES6

JavaScript was introduced as a weakly typed scripting language in the year 1995 by Netscape to make HTML dynamic. There are several versions in Java Scripts I hope latest version is ES7 but many browsers understand ES5.If we compare both Typescript vs ES6 in my opinion Typescript is having more advantages when comparing to es6. Another major advantage of the typescript is it will run quick sanity test of all.JS files to identify syntax errors. We can easily migrate JavaScript to Typescript.For typescript, there are 3 types of classes but es6 is having 2 classes. Typescript classes include Fields, Constructors, and functions but as said es6 include constructors and functions.Finally, I would like to conclude by saying typescript is more preferable why because in typescript code is more constant and validated correctly before compiled to JavaScript and pushed into production. If we not comparing with this then we can go with es6 to be more clear both Typescript vs ES6 are same the only difference between Typescript and ES6 is static types. If we are using any other tool to identify coding error then you can use JavaScript. As I said earlier typescript is the modern Javascript.

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