Bootstrap vs Google Material Design Lite – Which one is Better?

Bootstrap vs Google Material Design Lite

Bootstrap vs Google Material Design Lite

Bootstrap vs Google Material Design Lite – Which one is Better?

The success of the project depends on the technology used for the development process. This is the era of the latest and advanced technologies where everyone is in the race of achieving better business prospects by maintaining the huge client base. Bootstrap vs Google Material Design Lite is the hottest topic in the internet among web developers

Today, customers are more conscious about their brand reputation, which can only be established when they use the high-tech development platforms to deliver unbeatable business solutions. It has been analyzed that business enterprises using traditional development platforms are getting less business in comparison to the businesses using the latest technologies.

It is so, because, people have become smarter and want to have a website that has been designed with robust structure and advanced functionality. 

Bootstrap Grid System

Nowadays, Bootstrap and Google’s Material Design Lite are considered the best & reliable website and web app development platforms that provide out of the box development facility to the developers.

Google’s Material Design Lite

Material Design Lite is a designing language invented by the talented team of Google. It is an advanced designing platform which enables you to add material design look & feel to your proposed websites. With this platform, you will find many elements that are included in the Material Design Lite (MDL) library to develop data-driven and highly interactive applications & websites. To be specific, it can be stated that this platform does not rely on any JavaScript frameworks and always promotes website design optimization on multi-browser compatibility. One of the best part of it is that it is a bunch of Vanilla JavaScript and CSS which never aim towards dependencies and make it awesome for website development.

Earlier mentioned that Bootstrap entirely depends on the JavaScript frameworks. But, in the case of MDL (Material Design Lite), you don’t need any JavaScript frameworks and libraries to design and draft the websites. Rather, this designing platform provides a material design framework that helps to create various innovative components such as cards and badges. Further, in terms of appealing templates and color-correction, Material Design Lite is admired for its customization as many designers have started creating their customized components to take the project beyond the expectations.

Twitter’s Bootstrap

Introduced by Twitter, Bootstrap is a Java, HTML and CSS framework admired for designing the front-end websites and web applications. It is a free open source web framework which supports easier and faster web development. It uses CSS and HTML based templates in order to design the components with typography, buttons, forms and navigation. It is also open for supporting optional JavaScript extensions. Additionally, Bootstrap gives you the facility to build responsive layouts by utilizing fewer efforts.

At present, Bootstrap denominates itself as one of the most popular CSS, HTML and JavaScript frameworks accredited for developing the responsive and mobile first projects for the quality conscious clients. It includes the documentation for HTML, CSS, advanced grid system and jQuery which help users in recognizing each fact related to development. Due to the perfect coding documentation, it has become one of the sought-after options that many companies have adopted it to design & facilitate their CMS themes.

Comparison between Bootstrap and Material Design frameworks:

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