Best Prototyping Tools for UI/UX Designers

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What are Prototyping Tools for Designers?

In simple terms prototyping tools allow designers to experience how their project will work when it will get completed. They let you simulate how the application flow, test their performance and create a great user experience for applications and websites without writing even a single line of code.

There are different types of prototypes tools or ux design tools open source available with different goals and users, means the similar prototyping tool would not work every time. To craft prototypes, designers use lots of prototyping tools, both simple and advanced depending on the situation.

1. Marvelapp — Turn anything into interactive prototypes

Marvel is a browser-based prototyping tool which simplifies the process up to a great extent. Once you sign up for Marvel account, you get dropped into the interface and can create your first prototype. You can easily upload your image files to Marvel and can add gestures and transitions. This platform supports direct uploading of particular image types such as JPG, GIF, and PSD apart from third-party uploading through Dropbox, Sketch, Google drive, etc.

2. InVision — Powerful design prototyping tools

InVision is one of the most popular from prototyping tools in the world as its team adds new features constantly and helps designers to create prototype more efficiently and easily. Smooth Management of project feedback is one of the best features of this tool. Clients and design teams can easily give their feedback directly on the prototype.

3. Justinmind — Prototyping Tool for web and mobile apps

Another great prototyping tools Justinmind, allows you to create attractive simulations of your web and mobile apps. Using this tool, you can include your corporate identity elements in your prototypes instantly, dispatch them to HTML for online presentation and automatically generate specification documentation in a Microsoft Word document in an easy way without having any programming knowledge and editing a single line of code.

4. Flinto — The App Design Apps

Flinto comes in two versions — as an iOS app and a web app. The best thing for this selected tool for prototyping tools is that designers can build both simple click-throughs and complex interactive prototypes without any programming skills required. You can reuse transitions, control all layers, and vary complexity. The app uses a simple drag-and-drop system for prototyping.

5. — Prototypes that feel real

Mature and feature-rich, is best used by designers looking to create high-fidelity and highly-animated prototypes in the browser. This prototyping tools software allows you to change your static designs into appealing prototypes for mobile apps and web … in a few minutes, literally. You can either upload your files directly from Dropbox or drag-and-drop files manually.

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