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Primary impression always counts’’. In the case of online businesses, it matters more than anything else, because the face is absent to face interaction. Hence the first impression in the form of a great website can go a long way in getting traction online and help engage with the targeted audience.

Whenever when a new visitor visits your website’s homepage, your business needs to create an indelible impression on the visitor’s mind. Today’s online user will do a detailed analysis and establish an opinion of your brand, and determine if you are worth getting to know further, and doing business with.

Why A Riveting Home Page Matters?

The homepage of the website Development is the front door to all the catchy details that build up the rest of your website. It becomes a blueprint for every successful business and converts visitors into customers. So don’t you think should it be as remarkable as possible?

In this blog, we will share 13 key elements every homepage should have to create the right first impression.
Before heading towards important elements, let’s first understand the primal purpose of your website.


Include In Your Website Homepage Design

1) Headline

A website needs to tell visitors what the business has to offer in just 3 seconds. That’s where your headline comes in and it may only be some words, still, it is one of the most important pieces of copy on your website.

2) Sub-headline

Sub-headline is also important things in the home page so sub-headline should supplement the headline by offering a brief description of what you do or what you offer.

3) Primary Calls-to-Action

The CTA is very important and the goal of the homepage is to compel visitors to dig deeper into the website & move them further down the funnel. Include 2 to3 CTA above the fold that direct people to different stages of the buying cycle and place them in spots that are easy to find.

4) Supporting Image

Most people are visual. Always use an image or a short video) that indicates what you offer. So use images, that capture emotion & cause action, and avoid cheesy stock photos.

social proof

6) Social Proof

Social media is a very vital thing. It is a powerful indicator of trust. The service or product of your company could be the best in the world, and it’s okay to lay that claim it’s just that people may not believe you unless they hear it from other people, too. And that’s exactly what social proof does.